The New York City Association of Hotel Concierges (NYCAHC) is an incorporated, not-for-profit group that fosters growth and development in the concierge profession and the hospitality industry at large. The association, comprised of over 200 members, represents approximately 70 hotels or nearly 28,000 rooms in the New York metropolitan area. Besides hotels, corporate members of NYCAHC include top shopping destinations, sightseeing and tour companies, and the ubiquitous B.R. Guest Restaurants, which represents 20 of the most popular eateries in the five boroughs.

As a strong supporter of the hotel and travel industries, NYCAHC aims to bolster and increase the skills and knowledge of New York concierges and offer training to those entering the profession through monthly meetings and informational seminars.

The concierge plays an integral role in the tourism industry. As a friendly face in a foreign city, the concierge is a trove of knowledge and information with advice on restaurants, nightlife, local events, tours and shopping. In addition, the concierge can be an invaluable resource for directions, reservation bookings, and even the inevitable travel emergency. It is the duty of the concierge to facilitate and enhance every guest’s hotel and overall travel experience.

In 2003, NYCAHC tapped into its extensive network of local leaders in the hospitality industry and began an annual fundraising initiative to donate to New York City-based charities. In the seven years since it began, the fund has donated thousands of dollars to numerous charities and local causes. In this way, NYCAHC is working to be a vital member of and a positive force for the New York City community. A portion of the proceeds from the Concierge Choice Awards will benefit the Les Clefs d'Or Relief Fund and the NYCAHC Charitable Fund.

NYCAHC strives to uphold the Les Clef’s d’Or motto, "In Service Through Friendship," by providing quality and expert service to all of the nearly 47 million visitors who come to experience New York City each year.

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