2019 Categories

After Dark- Jazz clubs, cabarets, comedy clubs, burlesque and more offer guests a chance to experience known celebrities and up and comers.  Who does it the best?

Broadway Show – The new Broadway show that receives the most raves from guests. (Shows open since October 2018)

Cocktail Experience – The establishment that is the best place to relax with a cocktail after a full day of NYC shopping, touring or exploring cultural institutions.

Cultural Institution – The establishment that promotes the arts or displays work of all types of artistic creations.

Family Friendly Experience – Destinations that make traveling with children a superior experience and are important contributors to the NYC hospitality industry.

New Restaurant – The new epicurean arrival on the NYC dining scene, based on cuisine, service and ambience. Who is the best new addition?

Pre-Theater Dining – Where to head to kick off a fun filled evening before you head off to see a show.

Restaurant Brunch Experience – The top overall brunch experience in service and cuisine in New York City. The places concierges hear about time and time again from countless guests.

Restaurant Experience – The best overall dining experience in a city that is one of the world’s eating meccas.  Based on the feedback from millions of guests, concierges are qualified to make this judgment.

Specialty Retailer – The distinctive store that offers guests a combination of unique products and a great shopping experiences.  These retailers leave shoppers with lasting memories of New York City shopping.

Tour –The tour service that creates the best experience including information, convenience, and fun.

Tourist Attraction –Which one of the many fantastic New York City venues creates the best overall experience, that guests will return to the concierges gushing about the most.

Transportation Service – Many services make is easy to get around NYC. Whether it be by land, sea or air, which one offers the greatest experience and value.

Rules & Requirements

Must be in business at least one year (with exception of the Broadway Show category)
In good standing with the community
Hold themselves to the highest standards of service
2018 winners are not eligible for submission this year